Who is animator/entertainer?

Animator or entertainer is a person who creates and organizes animation program in the hotel, club, holiday resort in cooperation with his/her team and entertain hotel quests with different kinds of sports and social activities.

Animator is (almost) always working in a team consisting of a chief animator, children animators, sport/fitness animators or all-rounders. Every member of a team has a specific tasks and duties. Animation team might consist of 2–20 animators depending on a hotel or club.

What are the main functions of chief animator?

  • creates and organizes the whole animation program in the hotel with help of his/her
  • is responsible to the hotel management for the animation
  • gives tasks to other
  • checks the running of activities and supervises other animator by their
  • moderates evening programs and shows in different
  • previous experience in animation is a must


What are the main functions of children animator?

  • organizes a program for children in Miniclub, on the beach, by the pool etc.
  • is responsible for evening animation for children (Minidisco, carnival, children  shows) in cooperation with other animators and under the supervision of chief animator
  • takes part on evening shows

What are the main functions of sport/fitness animator?

  • organizes sport activities and tournaments in different sports (beach volleyball, football, tennis, table tennis, water ball, bocce, darts, aerobic, aqua gym, stretching, taeboo etc.) depending on his/her skills and hotel
  • takes part on evening shows

What are the main functions of all-rounder?

  • takes part on all kinds of animation activities including children, sport and evening animation

What do I need to become an animator?

  • age between 18 – 35 years
  • active knowledge of at least two foreign languages (English, German, Russian, French, Italian,...)
  • motivation and willingness to work with people
  • positive relationship to children and sport
  • communicative, outgoing and reliable person
  • organizational skills

Why should I become an animator?

As you have accommodation and full board free, the salary will be your net profit. You will work mostly in luxurious hotels and clubs, in beautiful resorts by the sea where other people come only for holiday. You can spend your days off on the beach or by making trips.

You will gain new contacts all around the world and improve your language skills.

I heard from lots of my friends that animation is like a free holiday?

We are sorry to inform you that it’s not true. If you think that entertainment is only sun and nice people then save your time and money, and do not apply for this job.

Being an animator is not just sun, beach, having fun, but hard job as well. Sometimes you have to accept not very nice hotel guests, rehearse late at night or do things that you don’t like at all (like preparing materials or dancing with old ladies), but that’s the part of your job as well.

What can I expect from working abroad?

Everybody needs a time to adapt himself/herself to the lifestyle in foreign country. You have to count with the fact, that you are the one who has to adapt yourself to other culture and people.

Foreign country and people will not adapt to you!

Can I work and live together with my boyfriend/girlfriend?

We have employers that offer jobs to couples or groups. Employers mostly consider each candidate’s professional background independently. Based on our experience we can tell, that in some countries candidates with demands like “We want to live and work together” have less chance to be placed.

Can I get a job if I have no experience at all?

Some companies we cooperate with, provides training of theirs employees to learn theirs job well. Our company can also offer positions where no experience is required.

Knowledge of language is usually necessary in this case.

Do I have to participate in a casting?

Some agencies place people only after they meet them personally at the casting, other ones accept just CVs and photos of an applicant. Always check details in job offers to find out if participating in a casting is required.

What should I wear at the casting?

Please, do not come in tie and suit. Be yourself. Do not forget we are going to be active all the day. Something sportily is always well seen

What should I bring to the casting?

  • 2x filled in application form
  • 2x photo (passport size)
  • a copy of your passport
  • other certificates and diplomas

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