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In cooperation with our partner agency in Malta we offer different jobs in hotel animation (children animator, sport animator, all-rounder).

Offered jobs

  • sport animator
  • children animator
  • all-rounder

Work location in Malta


Job tasks

Children animator

  • organizes a program for children in Miniclub, on the beach, by the pool etc.
  • is responsible for evening animation for children (Minidisco, carnival, children shows) in cooperation with other animators and under the supervision of chief animator
  • takes part on evening shows

Sport/fitness animator

  • organizes sport activities and tournaments in different sports (beach volleyball, football, tennis, table tennis, water ball, bocce, darts, aerobic, aqua gym, stretching, taeboo etc.) depending on his/her skills and hotel facilities
  • takes part on evening shows


  • takes part on all kinds of animation activities including children, sport and evening animation


18 – 35 years


Active knowledge of English. A second language is a plus.

Additional demands on employee

  • motivation and willingness to work with people
  • positive relationship to children and sport
  • communicative and reliable person
  • organizational skills


Bank details

Another expenses

Flight ticket (reimbursed after certain period), pocket money for beginning of your stay.

How to apply

Information for an applicant

As you have accommodation and full board free, the salary will be your net profit.
You will work mostly in luxurious hotels and clubs, in beautiful resorts by the sea where other people come only for holiday. You can spend your days off on the beach or by making trips.
You will gain new contacts all around the world and improve your language skills.

Office adress:

Prostaff Ewa Kurdziel
Siedziba: Łużycka 15,
59-900 Zgorzelec

Invoice adress:

Prostaff Ewa Kurdziel
Siedziba: Łużycka 15,
59-900 Zgorzelec
668 183 362

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